Vieux Farka Touré

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Vieux Farka Touré - The son of Malian music legend Ali Farka  Touré, Vieux’s self titled debut album came out in 2007 on World Village, produced by Modiba’s Eric Herman. In an example of how artists can redefine the way music reaches a global audience as well and reinvent music as an agent for social change by having a proven impact on on a grassroots community level, 10% of the proceeds of the album go to the “Fight Malaria” campaign started by Modiba. Launched in Vieux’s hometown Niafunké, the initiative has provided over 3000 mosquito nets to children and pregnant women in the Timbuktu region of Mali. As with most artists from Africa and South America, the idea of of building a global network by which musicians band together to raise awareness for and increase the capacity of social change initiatives on a constant basis is as natural to Vieux as the fluid sound of his guitar playing.

His latest solo album with “The Secret” is pictured at right below, next to the just released album “The Touré-Raichel Collective – Tel Aviv Session,” with Israeli pianist Idan Raichel. In a beautiful statement of musical transcendence, the rhythmically infectious album brings an Israeli Jew together with a Malian Muslim, soaring straight over the stale and outdated political dialogue of divisiveness, a strong image of the world that the young generation is making.

    “Vieux and I share the same DNA,” asserts Idan, “We are both deeply linked to the places where we come from, our family and spiritual roots. These are the things that really matter.” Asked about his thoughts on the imherent statement in their post-border musical merger, Vieux says, “Music has no borders. What’s important is the spirit between people – their backgrounds are not a factor at all if there is a shared respect and a musical connection.”

Vieux sits down with Stephan to talk about his music, his father’s legacy and the importance of lyrics and social consciousness in African music. The energetic conversation touches on identity and cultural amnesia – the importance of knowing where we come from if we wish to change where we’re going as individuals and as a human race.

Here are a couple great videos just shot at Galapagos UK:

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