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Lupe Fiasco at #occupywallstreet

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Rap artist and outspoken activist Lupe Fiasco shows up at the #occupywallstreet protests organized by Adbusters. What do you think?! We love that he’s sportin a tee from our friends at WorldUp , a great organization doing educational programming through hip-hop. Word up. Check out World Up’s work and support!

Wisconsin to Tahrir Square, A Song United

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From the Dropkick Murphys to Steve Earle, Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer, Tim Mcilrath, and others, musicians unafraid of being in the frontlines for a more equal world are taking a stand. Drawing inspiration from the bravery seen in protests across the Middle East, the now full-on Union-backed protests and sit-in in Madison are gaining more and more support from musicians.

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with Matt Rothschild, ed. in chief of The Progressive, based out of Wisconsin, and with Eric Drooker, the ubiquitous artist behind numerous global justice posters, discussing the rise of people power and the excitement of Union involvement. If there’s one theme we have to elevate now, it’s that there IS a direct connection between what’s happening in #Wisconisn and #Egypt, #Yemen, #Iraq, #Libya and more. We have to make sure that the mainstream press cannot pigeon hole these as isolated events. This was the intention behind Egyptian organizers sending Pizza to Madison organizers.

This is NEXT  WORLD organizing. We know that a more equal world, not only in Egypt or the United States, but between all countries and working people, is imperative to the survival of our planet. Tahrir Square and Madison can and must be seen as small steps toward building a global movement for that more equal world. To get there, we have to be a generation of Ghandi’s and MLK Jr’s.

We are protesting FOR a world in which we live more equally across global borders so that job flight and brain drain don’t happen, and in which everyday people everywhere are educated enough to help our global society beat over-population, create a sustainable environment, overcome disease, and bring an end to conflict over resources and land before it’s too late. For that, we need teachers, and it means we need teacher’s and workers being paid livable wages with equal economic rights across the globe, not just in Madison or Tunis.

We have to join in a Song United. Steve, Tom, and everyone, while we support the Unions in Wisconsin, and the Democracy movements across MENA, this has to be the first step towards that big dream, a sustainable and integrated movement for real change in our human society.

Soundtrack for the Arab Revolution

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Click here to hear the top songs and poems of the Arab Revolution spreading across the Middle East and North Africa. Send us your songs or suggestions of songs to post in our comments field and we’ll review them and upload as soon as possible. These are historic times. Martin Luther King Jr. said “freedom songs are the soul of the movement.” He understood that movement’s can’t succeed through politics or demonstrations alone, they need songs to spread into the hearts of every human being alive, into the Tahrir Square in each of our hearts. difrent  brings you today’s freedom songs and the artists that are singing them! We need freedom songs now. Be sure to check out our friends at as well who are also getting out a bunch of great stuff.

Amel Mathlouthi أمال مثلوثي – كلمتي حرة   “Kelmti Horra” or “My Word Is Free”

Stephan Said ستيفن سعيد – أحب عيشة الحرية  “Aheb Aisht Al Huriyah” or “I love the Life of Freedom”

Arabian Knightz feat Shadia Mansour, FredwreckNot Your Prisoner

Bird, The Truth, produced by DJ Nas “Egypt Fight Song” from

Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman – #Jan25 (Produced by Sami Matar)

Suheir Hammad: Poems of war, peace, women, power

Khalas Mixtape Vol 1 Mish B3eed Khalas/Enough: a mixtape of North African artists from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya joining forces for regime change in Libya

Against Corruption (GYAC)

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The Peace Poets

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Haale “Avareeyeh Sahra”

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Air Traffic Control “Dear New Orleans”

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Dear New Orleans” A benefit album dedicated to the city of music, five years after the leeves broke.

“Something to Believe”

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“Women of Hope”

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Genesis Be

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