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A Glance Inside Raya, the actual key Relationship Application for Stars

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A Glance Inside Raya, the actual key Relationship Application for Stars

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Celebrities. They’re like all of us. Except rather than using Tinder, they choose unique unique dating app called Raya. A regular membership in this invite-only matchmaking app will be as special as you’d suspect, with merely a small amount of professional candidates established the app — which means the chances of you wonderful and dating some one affluent on Tinder just got also thinner, because although their best superstar is unmarried, it’s likely they’re locating his or her upcoming hook-up on Raya.

Launched in 2015, Raya is actually described as an “online membership-based group for dating, media and generating unique associates”. It’s designed for ‘creative’ sorts, that Raya conditions generally suggests ‘hot people’, influencers, sportspeople, and people within the general public vision.

Submitting an application for Raya

Before you can nevertheless much as humour the very idea of obtaining the ‘Illuminati Tinder’ (yes, apparently which is just what it’s been recently generally known as), you need to first end up being asked by a preexisting representative. The company’s clout, as well as your Instagram soon after (greater, the higher quality evidently), has an effect on if you’ll get the lower. Read more »