Meet the difrent team

Who We Are

Anushay Said, Co-founder & Director. Anushay grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and traveled all over the world as a child. Her work focuses on community-based urban development. She has experience working with a number of international development organizations. She has worked with youth to increase their participation in decision making in Southern and Eastern Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Anushay believes difrent: can reach across social, cultural and political boundaries, and empower youth to create change using culture in their own communities worldwide.


Stephan Said, Founder & President, is an internationally acclaimed songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer and activist. An Iraqi-American of multi-religious background, he is an outspoken voice for peace and equality. He enjoys helping start global movements for social change using music and writing as a propellant, and confounding the target-marketed music industry by creating a new, inclusive, difrent music that brings people together across hip-hop, rock, pop, world, folk, dance, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, and stratospheric borders.