Vision and Mission

Raise The Bar, Raise The Music, Raise The World!

Vision – Every society in human history has dreamt of a more equal world. We can be the first ones to achieve it! With the tide of global change sweeping the world, and the internet, mp3’s and videos, music and culture have the power to bring people together across borders into mass, globalĀ  movement of people who want peace, environmental sustainability, and economic equality. By putting our voices together for that dream, we can make it a reality.

Mission – difrent: is the global broadcasting platform for music for social change, a one-stop where artists, activists, and organizations come together to advance local initiatives around the world on a constant basis through music and video releases. difrent: is music that’s making a difference, the soundtrack of our generation!

We Have A Dream – by creating a global platform for music and culture for social change, difrent: promotes young, upcoming voices that are taking a stand and creating music and using culture to change our world. When the world’s majority of young voices singing and working for peace and equality are filling our tv’s and headlines, we will win! For the past 15 years, the increasingly monopolized entertainment industry hasn’t registered a single anthem for social change in it’s top 100, despite our generation being faced with more crises than any before. We can change that together.