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NBC discusses difrent:

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NBC’s Chuck Scarborough sat down with Stephan to discuss difrent: on the International Day of Peace and the vision for lifting the voices of unity worldwide through music.

Sept 21, difrent: album release!

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Order difrent: the album that started a movement here!

The Ginger Ninjas

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Kipchoge Spencer, band leader says, in 2007, the Ginger Ninjas became the first band in the history of rock and roll to tour by bicycle, unsupported by automobile. On a 5000 mile odyssey from their home in Northern California to the pyramids of Southern Mexico, they promoted transportation cycling while also exploring the frontiers of pedal-generated electricity, using their own bikes to power a hyper-efficient sound system.

PRI’s The World Interview

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PRI’s The World interviews Stephan about 9/11 on the 10th anniversary and discussing how the inspiration for creating difrent: and writing Take A Stand both emenated from his desire to bring people together across every conceivable border, from nations to musical styles.

Huffington Post Features Take A Stand!

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In anticipation of the launch of difrent and the release of the album, The Huffington Post gave “Take A Stand” away for fee to its readership. Check it out here!

The Progressive

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The liner notes to difrent: the album, just published in The Progressive, dedicate the album to helping build the nonviolent movement for social change sweeping the world.

FREE Download “Take A Stand” Song from difrent: album

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Download to vote for a more equal world. Spread the word, share the news, get involved!


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Brazilian cultural group from Rio de Janeiro! Forged out of the police massacre of 21 people in their local community in 1993, they have gone on to establish an international profile for their pioneering work in taking young people out of the drug/gang culture of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. See also FavelatoTheWorld.

Lupe Fiasco at #occupywallstreet

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Rap artist and outspoken activist Lupe Fiasco shows up at the #occupywallstreet protests organized by Adbusters. What do you think?! We love that he’s sportin a tee from our friends at WorldUp , a great organization doing educational programming through hip-hop. Word up. Check out World Up’s work and support!

Black Eyed Peas hook up with Robin Hood

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Central Park turns into apocalyptic Sherwood Forest for the day on Sept. 30 when the Black Eyed Peas team up NYC’s biggest private poverty fighting organization.